Blending Industry Best Practices

Project Management methodologies, design thinking strategies and continuous improvement frameworks we blend for customized trainings, best practices, expert advice and guidance.

Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)
Interaction Design Thinking
Strategic Planning Book of Knowledge

Design for Six Sigma Frameworks

DMADV: Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify
IDDOV: Identify, Define, Develop, Optimize, And Verify.
DCOV: Define, Characterize, Optimize, Verify
IDOV: Identify, Design, Optimize, Validate
DCCDI: Define, Customer, Concept, Design, Implementation
DMEDI: Define, Measure, Explore, Develop, Implement
DMADOV: Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Optimize, Verify
ICOV: Identify Requirement, Characterize, Optimize, Verify
CDOV: Concept Development, Design Development, Optimization, Verify
IIDOV: Invent, Innovate, Develop, Optimize, Verify
IDEAS: Identity, Design, Evaluate, Assure, Scale-Up

Design for Six Sigma
Baldrige Excellence Framework
Mural Luma Visual Design Thinking