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We started as a small project management firm in downtown Sacramento to help public sector organizations unlock their potential with Human-Centered Design Thinking Approach. We understand that true transformation stems from a deep understanding of the human experience. That's why we embrace LUMA, a human-centered framework of design thinking, to craft inclusive, long-term strategies that resonate with all stakeholders. Contact us today to learn more about how we can drive your strategic planning efforts to new heights.

printed sticky notes glued on board
printed sticky notes glued on board

Our mission

Unleash the power of human-centered design thinking and inclusive collaborative approaches to embark clients on a transformative journey with our us while unlocking new potentials to propel programs towards sustained success.

Our vision

Imagine a future where your team is empowered to contribute their unique perspectives, challenge assumptions, and collectively shape a roadmap that transcends silos and unlocks your organization's full potential.

Our Services

Change by Design by Tim Brown book beside smartphone
Change by Design by Tim Brown book beside smartphone
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green and yellow sticky notes
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books on clear glass table
Strategic Planning

Our five-year strategic planning process is a collaborative journey, where every voice is heard, and every idea is valued. Through LUMA's proven methodologies, we foster an environment of team spirit, knowledge sharing, and cross-functional learning, aligning your organization's goals, activities, and strategies to develop an evidence-based and data-driven strategic plans.

Change Management

We start with empathy mapping exercises to understand your team needs, pain points, and motivations to help you gain a deep understanding of the human factors influencing your organization. We use LUMA's implementation planning tools, such as "Storyboarding" and "Blueprint," to create requirements and a roadmap for developing and executing change management plans.

Business Assessments

We utilize LUMA's tools, such as the "Why-How Laddering" and "Sketch Everything" to reframe the assessment challenge from a human-centered perspective to engage teams, foster creativity, and promote collaborative discussions by encouraging participants to think outside the box. The current state situation analysis gathers relevant requirements to design the future-state.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace LUMA's principle of iterative learning by regularly reassessing your business processes and seeking feedback from stakeholders. This approach ensures that your organization remains adaptive and responsive to changing needs and industry dynamics by prioritizing critical problems and areas for improvement in updating strategic plans, governance polices and procedures.

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